Architecture creates spaces for living; a sense of Community makes the world a better place. At kga, as we practice the art of Architecture, we believe in giving back to the Community. Our team contributes to a variety of non-profit organizations through participation, membership, sponsorship, and donation of time and services. Some of the causes we support:

Glory Community

Glory Community was created to present a private, nonprofit option to families looking for a faith-based and family-oriented community for their son or daughter with intellectual disabilities. Upon completion; Glory Community will be five homes on a cul-de-sac with eight residents of the same gender in each.

The need for living options for adults with developmental disabilities is great and growing. In the United States, over one million individuals live with parents or caregivers over the age of 60. Colorado has twelve thousand individuals living with aging parents and currently ranks 47th in the nation on monies spent for services for people with developmental disabilities. Given the staggering waitlist for immediate residential services, Glory Community is dedicated to providing a viable solution for 40 adults.

KGA Studio Architects, PC is committed to seeing the completion and full occupancy of Glory Community which is why we have committed our architecture services on a pro-bono basis for the first home through to the last. We additionally give the time of our staff to help promote their mission and raise the funds necessary for construction this truly great and necessary community!

Glory Community

The future Glory Community

Home Builders Foundation

The Home Builders Foundation is a Denver-based nonprofit that provides accessible home modifications for individuals with a physical disability and financial need. They install ramps, widen doors, install handrails, modify bathrooms, and more. Their work changes lives, allowing people to remain in their homes and regain their independence. All this is done at no cost to the recipient, made possible through volunteers and donations.

In 2014, for every $1 granted to a project, the Home Builders Foundation was able to provide approximately $10 in retail value to the people it served. This is possible because so much of the construction materials and labor for each project was donated and/or discounted by members of the home building industry and volunteers.

KGA Project Manager Bart Coleman at a recent ramp build for the Home Builders Foundation

KGA Project Manager Bart Coleman at a recent ramp build for the Home Builders Foundation

HBF Ramp Build - Finished Ramp - KGA

The finished product: KGA teamed up with McStain Neighborhoods to build a ramp through the Home Builders Foundation for a wheelchair bound 12 year old girl

John Zay Guest House Expansion

Located across the street from Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, the John Zay Guest House has 11 suites that are available to outpatients and their families while they are receiving treatment at the hospital. Many of the guests have very limited financial resources, so the home offers them the opportunity to remain together during treatment while eliminating additional financial burden.

Since opening in 2008, the John Zay Guest House has almost always been full, with a consistent waiting list of 7 to 10 parties.  At times there have been as many as 20 parties waiting for a room – enough to more than fill an entire second house. The planned expansion will add 11 mini-suites, making between 3,600 and 4,000 additional nights of lodging per year available for patients and their families. The expansion is made possible through HBA Cares and in-kind contributions of labor and materials, as well as through funds that will be raised by the Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation. KGA is proud to be the architect for the expansion, and contribute our services on a pro-bono basis through the completion of the project.

John Zay Guest House

The planned John Zay Guest House Expansion