6 New Home Design Trends We’re Seeing in 2022

New home design trends for 2022

Each year we like to share a handful of new home design trends that we’re seeing out in the world. As homeowner preferences shift, it’s our job to look ahead and make sure our designs incorporate what buyers want, both now and in the future. Many of the trends we’re seeing for 2022 are influenced by the pandemic and what we’ve all been through over the past couple of years. We have a handful of examples to share as you’ll see below, and the common thread through each of them is this: people have fundamentally changed the way they use their homes.

Today, our homes are the epicenter of our lives, and the trends for 2022 reflect that. More and more people are looking to personalize their spaces so their homes best fit their family’s unique needs. That means more comfort, more privacy, more flexibility, and an eye toward health, wellness, and sustainability. We’ve been watching many of these trends unfold for some time now and incorporating them into our home designs. Let’s take a look:

Multifunctional Spaces are a Must

Anyone who works from home or suddenly found themselves serving as an elementary school teacher in the kitchen during the pandemic knows the value of a multifunctional room. Today, even with normalcy returning, living spaces continue to double as work rooms, study areas, and activity spaces. We anticipate this home design trend to keep moving forward and feel confident saying flexible spaces are must. Rooms should be designed for double duty (think: an office space that doubles as a guest room or a laundry room designed to accommodate studying). According to the September 2021 Survey Insights Report from the New Home Trends Institute, 51% of workers expect to work either hybrid or remote full-time in 2022. A good space for a home office is a must have. Remember, a home office doesn’t need to be big, but it needs to be functional. Keep in mind windows for natural light and privacy for Zoom calls. We’re also seeing the office, traditionally located near the front of the home, move to the back or upstairs for greater privacy.

Kitchens are Always a Focal Point

With so much entertaining happening at home, kitchens continue to be an important gathering place. Think: spacious kitchens with big center islands for socializing and cozy breakfast nooks that bridge the space and make more room for friends and family. And even as lot sizes shrink in response to the need for more affordable homes, never skimp on the kitchen. One solution for homes with narrow footprints is what we like to call the reimagined galley kitchen. Keeping it open on both sides avoids the dark, cramped feel of a typical galley kitchen while creating the open floor plan that today’s buyers crave. In addition, the large, walk-around island creates a sense of spaciousness that is normally associated with larger homes. It also provides much needed additional counter space. From an interior standpoint, we’re seeing homeowners and designers slowly move away from white kitchens and move instead into navy blue, charcoal and gray. And if you’re in the market for a sink: single basin and brass are the way to go.

A Spotlight on Health and Wellness

Even before the pandemic, interest in wellness at home was gaining traction. After the past couple of years with everyone spending so much time at home, we know it really is ground zero for healthy living. That means homeowners are looking for homes that are easy to clean and maintain, both inside and out. Think: non-porous countertops, moisture-resistant flooring, and touchless faucets, thermostats, and lighting. Whether a home is easy to clean or not is so important to consumers that it made it onto the New Home Trends Institute’s 22 trends for 2022!  We love their suggestions for creating an easy to clean bathroom by minimizing grooves and grout for easier wiping and less opportunities for mildew and stains.  Homeowners are also taking wellness into consideration. That includes kitchens that make it easier to store and prepare healthy food, designated spaces for working out, and finding more connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Kitchens with plenty of counter space and storage encourage wellness by making it easier and more convenient for homeowners to store and prepare fresh, healthy food.

Livable Outdoor Spaces

Speaking of the outdoors, function wins over size when it comes to outdoor living spaces. Today’s home buyers aren’t necessarily looking for a large yard and the maintenance that comes with it. Instead, think smaller outdoor spaces designed for entertaining with built-in cooking and dining. Creating privacy is also a very important consideration, both from neighbors and other household members. When possible, design outdoor spaces to be an extension of the kitchen or living room. Look for opportunities for multiple smaller outdoor living spaces, especially in multi-level attached product. For example, our paired homes at 5390 feature outdoor living opportunities on all 3 levels: a small fenced in yard in the back for grilling or letting the dog outside, a welcoming front patio, a private deck off the primary suite and a roof-top deck with fireplace.

Hardscapes offer low-water, low-maintenance alternatives to grass and create programmed outdoor spaces ready for entertaining. The sunken design of this space in Reno, NV, creates additional privacy from neighbors.

Sustainability is Key

While elements like sustainability and energy efficiency are growing more and more popular, the pandemic — and the uptick in natural disasters like the Marshall Fire in Colorado earlier this year — changed the way we think about them. One thing we found: buying locally is often more sustainable and it is a way to avoid the delays that seemed to plague so many builds over the past two years. Sustainability also continues to be important for its role in addressing climate change and creating healthier homes for both homebuyers and the planet. In addition, we’re seeing more homeowners consider resilient construction, that is, building disaster-ready homes. These often come in the form of safety features like backup generators and exterior finish upgrades that can help minimize or mitigate the hazards of things like fires, hurricanes, and floods.

Outdoor living spaces come in all sizes! In urban environments where land is scarce, they can be as simple as creating a charming, covered front porch. Bonus: front porches are also great for curb appeal.

It’s All in the Details

To wrap it all up, let’s talk details. Design details really matter to homeowners. While things like price, location, square footage, and amenities are all important, never overlook the details. Especially since the average homebuyer has more sophisticated taste and a greater desire for authentic design than they did in the past. To take advantage of this design trend, we like to blend old with new and modern with traditional. And while you’re at it, go ahead and give simple neutrals a backseat. Homeowners in 2022 will be looking for rich, elegant color and texture.

Blue sitting room in Wash Park condo. Remodel by KGA Studio Architects
This remodeled penthouse condo features an elegant blend of rich colors and textures.

We make it our mission to stay on top of the latest in new home design trends and we’re happy to share it with you. It’s always a great reminder that our philosophy of tapping into architecture that makes daily life better and solves your unique goals never goes out of style — and we’re already well-versed in it. Reach out and let us show you how.

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