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Colorado Organic Modern Kitchens

Over the last several years, homeowners have gone from taking note of, to fully embracing, the organic modern kitchen. As kitchen designers, especially in Colorado, nature reigns supreme. I’ve been designing kitchens for over 20 years, and love how the Colorado organic modern kitchen presents both the opportunity and challenge to combine technology with the… Read more »

Home Technology - Lutron Shades

5 Cool Home Technology Products for Your Custom Home or Remodel

When it comes to crafting today’s living spaces, the integral role played by home technology is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Whether you’re looking for enhanced security, greater convenience, or the most impactful ways to entertain family and friends, there are no shortage of solutions to choose from. This abundance of options was clearly illustrated… Read more »

Travel and Design Inspiration Part 2

Predictable and Unpredictable Travel Destinations

Travel destinations fall into two major categories: predictable or unpredictable. Predictable locations are those you’ve visited before; perhaps a favorite vacation destination such as Disneyland or for me, Hawaii. The trip feels like a comfy slipper. Unpredictable destinations are those you’ve not stepped foot before; the experience is new, filled with mystery.  Expectations are not… Read more »