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Close up of feet in athletic shoes outdoors going for a walk

Designing for Wellness

Why Wellness? Simply put, our current built environment is working against our health and wellness. According to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2018 report “Build Well to Live Well,” the greatest health risks we face today are a result of sedentary …

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New Home Community Design Trends

6 Design Trends for New Home Communities

KGA’ers John Guilliams and Kiley Baham recently had the opportunity to join the Denver Metro SMC (Sales & Marketing Council) Board on a trip to visit some of Southern California’s newest master planned communities. 11 communities, over 30 models and …

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home

Unless you’ve done it before, building a custom home is a new and challenging process! Today we’re going to look at some of the most common mistakes that people make when building a custom home, and tips on how to …

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Things to think about when designing multi gen homes

Top 3 Considerations for Multi-Gen Homes

The demand for multi-gen homes is on the rise, fueled by an increasingly diverse buyer pool. We’ve been watching this trend for a while, but in digging into it a bit more, we found that nearly 1 in 5 Americans currently …

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Colorado Organic Modern Kitchen

Colorado Organic Modern Kitchens

Over the last several years, homeowners have gone from taking note of, to fully embracing, the organic modern kitchen. As kitchen designers, especially in Colorado, nature reigns supreme. I’ve been designing kitchens for over 20 years, and love how the …

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I Deserve it Features: The Master Bath

I Deserve it Features – the Master Bath

The Master Bath is full of opportunities for “I deserve it” features. From luxurious over-sized showers to sleek and sexy free-standing tubs, here are some of our favorite “I deserve it” features to turn your master bath into a relaxing …

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I Deserve It Features - the Kitchen

I Deserve it Features – the Kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to continue our conversation on “I Deserve it Features”. No surprise, the kitchen continues to be the hub of activity in the home. Cooking is fast becoming America’s favorite family hobby. Consider the popularity …

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The Owners Entry is a great place for I Deserve it Features

I Deserve it Features – the Owner’s Entry

At KGA, we love incorporating “I Deserve it Features” into our home designs! From simple details to one-of-a-kind custom designs, “I Deserve it Features” take on many shapes and sizes. Over the next couple of months, we will be looking …

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What is Considered Design

What is Considered Design?

The Origins of Considered Design Considered Design began as a set of guidelines developed by KGA to help streamline the process of designing production homes. We found ourselves addressing similar, if not the same, questions and challenges on a high percentage …

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Kitchen by KGA Studio Architects

10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 2

Our look at production home design trends continues this week, starting in the kitchen. (If you missed part 1 of this blog, you can read it here: 10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 1) 6. Back Kitchens …

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Outdoor room

10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to share 10 of the top architecture and design trends I’ve seen so far this year at an event called “60 Design Trends in 60 Minutes”. The new homebuilding industry is constantly changing, and …

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Landscaped Outdoor space with tables and chairs

3 Things to Consider when Hiring a Landscape Contractor

Spring is finally here, and as the weather warms and the leaves unfurl, we’re all invariably faced with the landscape to-do list. Some projects are as easy as planting some colorful annuals on your front porch, while others need a …

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