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Close up of feet in athletic shoes outdoors going for a walk

Designing for Wellness

Why Wellness? Simply put, our current built environment is working against our health and wellness. According to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2018 report “Build Well to Live Well,” the greatest health risks we face today are a result of sedentary …

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New Home Community Design Trends

6 Design Trends for New Home Communities

KGA’ers John Guilliams and Kiley Baham recently had the opportunity to join the Denver Metro SMC (Sales & Marketing Council) Board on a trip to visit some of Southern California’s newest master planned communities. 11 communities, over 30 models and …

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Things to think about when designing multi gen homes

Top 3 Considerations for Multi-Gen Homes

The demand for multi-gen homes is on the rise, fueled by an increasingly diverse buyer pool. We’ve been watching this trend for a while, but in digging into it a bit more, we found that nearly 1 in 5 Americans currently …

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How do Millennial Homebuyers differ from their parents

How Do Millennial Home Buyers Differ From Their Parents?

Get the latest on Millennial home buyers from guest blogger Jennifer Riner of Zillow, who brings us findings from Zillow’s most recent Consumer Housing Trends Report. Millennials are not who we thought they were – at least when it comes …

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Benefits of Net Zero Energy Homes

Benefits of Net-Zero Energy Homes

Net-Zero Energy homes are a hot topic these days, especially as prices for rooftop solar photovoltaics and LED lighting continue to plummet. More than ever, net-zero homes can be built for little to no added expense, and are often cheaper …

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Considered Design for Production Homes

The Nuances of Considered Design for Production Homes

In the first part of this blog, we discussed the 10 Principles of Considered Design for Production Homes. Considered Design is an important evaluation tool that helps create successful, market driven designs. It is also a pledge to evaluate each …

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Designing Successful Home Floor Plans

Designing Successful Home Floor Plans

At KGA we are always challenging ourselves to better understand today’s home buyers. Where do they want to live? What features in a home are most important to them? What can they afford?  As architects, we create spaces. Spaces that …

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What is Considered Design

What is Considered Design?

The Origins of Considered Design Considered Design began as a set of guidelines developed by KGA to help streamline the process of designing production homes. We found ourselves addressing similar, if not the same, questions and challenges on a high percentage …

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Chris Presley at ground breaking for Epic Homes

Epic Adventures: An Interview with Chris Presley, Founder and President of Epic Homes

Today we’re excited to share an interview with our good friend and colleague, Christina Presley. Chris is President and Founder of Epic Homes, a new Denver based home building company. KGA has the honor of being the Architectural partner to …

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Kitchen by KGA Studio Architects

10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 2

Our look at production home design trends continues this week, starting in the kitchen. (If you missed part 1 of this blog, you can read it here: 10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 1) 6. Back Kitchens …

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Outdoor room

10 Design Trends for the New Home Market: Part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to share 10 of the top architecture and design trends I’ve seen so far this year at an event called “60 Design Trends in 60 Minutes”. The new homebuilding industry is constantly changing, and …

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Heirloom Clubhouse

The Power of Color

When I was asked by the crew at KGA to pen a guest blog entry about color, I immediately thought, “YES!” Finally, the value of a professionally designed color palette is coming to light—not only for the builders, but for …

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