KGA Studio Architects’ Jerry Gloss Recognized with 2014 MAME Legends Award

The 2014 MAME Awards were held on October 4th and KGA partner Jerry Gloss was recognized with an award so significant, it is our pleasure to share the details with you.

The Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Awards honor top achievers in the new home industry. MAME is presented by the Sales and Marketing Council of the Denver Metropolitan Home Builders Association (HBA). The awards are comprised of marketing, sales, interior design, architectural and builder categories and celebrate the highest standard of excellence in the Denver homebuilding industry.

KGA has long been an active member of the HBA with a commitment to serve an industry that provides us so many opportunities to design extraordinary homes. Jerry has spearheaded that commitment delivering countless seminars, webinars and editorial pieces while serving on numerous boards, committees and councils over the years both locally and nationally with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Jerry was recognized with the prestigious Legends Award. The Award honors architects, interior designers, marketing and sales professionals whose work in the industry have provided highly regarded leadership and difference making contributions to the success of builders through innovation and performance excellence.  Essential to consideration for induction to Legends is a resume of contributions to the individual’s profession, and to the Denver HBA and NAHB. A nominee in architecture is one who has significantly influenced and advanced design in their work with builder members.

Jerry is quick to point out that, “KGA is a collaborative architectural studio. We work as a team. This award is the result of the appreciated efforts of our talented staff.”

In accepting the award Jerry first related a story of a project kick-off meeting 25 years ago that included: last year’s Legend inductee, Hillary Reed; fellow 2014 Legend inductee David Miles; and this year’s Visionary award inductee, Cheri Meyn; and the irrepressible David Steinke, then of Falcon Homes. He noted a key principle learned at that meeting and reinforced by having the pleasure to work with them many more times over the years: “You just never know who you are saying hello to for the very first time”.

Humorously, he offered up one other thought, “When you hang out with smart people, when you sit in rooms with smart people and when you hire smart people, something rubs off.”

KGA congratulates one of our own and sends a special thanks for Angela Harris, Principal of TRIO Environments whose introduction of Jerry left a rarely speechless man without words.

Congratulations, Jerry!