KGA Thanks You for a Wonderful 40 Years!

KGA 40th Anniversary Party

2017 is an exciting year for KGA – it marks our 40th Anniversary! It’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since John Knudson founded our firm in Boulder (for those of you who haven’t known us for that long, Knudson is the ‘K’ in KGA). Last Thursday, August 24th, we were incredibly fortunate to celebrate our 40th Anniversary with John and 100 of our friends, former staff members, clients, and colleagues. It was a wonderful evening that we wish we could have shared with every single one of you! Since that is an impossible wish, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite pictures from the evening today on the blog.

KGA partners with past KGA employees. From left to right: John Knudson, Bob Welton, John Guilliams, Pat Rygiewicz, Paul Mahony, Susan Brooks, Jerry Gloss, Jennifer Williams, John Mink and Dale Hubbard.
Bill Perry, Ron McArthur and Jerry Gloss. Ron came all the way from Utah to join us!
Carrie Firmine and Paul Mahony
Lita Dirks, Jeff Stone and Olivia Annalora
We were excited to share the entries to our first staff design competition at the party. Be sure to check back for more information, we will be blogging about these in the coming month!
Ross Maxwell, Katelyn Wager and John Guilliams
Champagne toast – yes, that is Jerry up on the bar!
Steve Combs and Ruth Rowley
Janet Fogg, Karen Gintert and Ray Alonso
Ed Cleaver, Mikal Otten, Colleen Johnson and Paul Anderson
Bruce Darden, Graham Swett and Mark Queripel
Kristen Fowler and Katelyn Wager
Adam Nicholls, Brent Paul and Curtis Hilburn
Kate Meyers and Andrea Thomas
Kate Pourhassanian, Graham Swett and Kari Armstrong
Paden Riley and Kristen Terjesen
Rick and Ivy Overby
Dennis Marshall, Jerry Gloss and Jeanette Marshall
Steve and Barb Spanjer
Michael Hassett and Ian Steven
Dawn Duhamel, Doris Pearlman and Cheryl Haflich
Cheryl Schuette and Jeff Whiton
Susan Brooks and Mike Davinroy
Dan Griffin, Ceal Barry, Jerry Gloss and Liz Garfield
Grazie Martins and Marc Ness
Jerry Gloss, Caleb Baham and Kiley Baham

From all of us at KGA, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has formed a part of our journey over the past 40 years, and we look forward to continuing this journey for  many years to come!

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