KGA Welcomes Architect Travis Hendrix

KGA Studio Architects is excited to welcome Travis Hendrix to our team. Travis brings nearly a decade of experience to his new role as Senior Architect at KGA. Travis describes himself as a minimalist focused on composition and balance. He also prides himself on his design versatility, sharing KGA’s belief that “the best design is the one that serves the client”.  In addition to high-end luxury residential and commercial experience; his portfolio includes restaurant tenant finish, townhomes and multifamily projects.

Travis is technical in his knowledge, and his approach is very pragmatic. Fascinated by the experience of space and how it makes people feel, he gravitates towards clean, elegant and orderly design, regardless of style. Travis appreciates simplicity and rational shapes, believing they are more tangible, making it easier for people to understand and connect with spaces.

After earning his Bachelors of Science in International Business, Travis went on to earn his Masters of Architecture at UC Denver. His professional portfolio includes work for clients such as the Denver Country Club, Blaze Pizza, Qdoba, Confluent Development, MorningStar Senior Living and HarborChase, to name a few.

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