Must-Have Home Technology Products for Your Remodel Project

Must have technology for your home remodel

Remodeling a home is an exciting process that breathes new life into old living spaces. With the right design and construction teams in place, the results of this transformation can be astounding. But, while you’re choosing new color palettes or kitchen and bath layouts, don’t forget about the critical role that technology can play in enhancing both the form and function of your home.

Whether you’re simply planning to update a few rooms, or do a whole house renovation, advances in the field of home technology have brought exciting options to market at a wide variety of price points. Here are a few of the considerations you should make when evaluating technology’s role in your remodel project…

Planning to Entertain

Whether you’re envisioning dinner parties with friends and family, or having the neighborhood over for the big game, a remodel presents the perfect time to incorporate modern audio-visual solutions in your home.

The high-definition (HD) flat panel TV’s of yesterday have now given way to advanced, ultra-high-definition (UHD) displays. With 4X the resolution of their HD predecessors, and other exciting technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR), today’s displays offer theater-caliber performance at very competitive price points.

This remodeled Aspen home blurs the lines between inside and outside with indoor/outdoor living spaces and televisions.
This remodeled Aspen home blurs the lines between inside and outside with indoor/outdoor living spaces and televisions. Photo: Harrison Home Systems.

A house audio system is another great option if you plan to entertain, or simply enjoy having music around the home. A plethora of streaming audio services now exist, providing on-demand access to tens of millions of songs, playlists, and customized radio stations. Modern house audio systems all leverage these streaming options, eliminating the cost and headaches associated with purchasing and managing a large media library. Modern house audio systems are a great fit for any remodel as wireless technologies have vastly reduced the amount of wiring needed to play music throughout the home.

Remodeled Aspen condo with in-wall speakers. Photo: Harrison Home Systems.

Set the Mood with Lighting and Shade Control

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on both the comfort and ambiance of a home. Whether you’re considering updating your home’s lighting fixtures and layout, or planning for how natural light will play into the space, current lighting and automated shade solutions should be part of the conversation.

Numerous manufacturers produce “smart” in-wall switches and dimmers that simply replace the devices currently in your walls, meaning no rewiring is needed. There are many benefits to adding this intelligence to your home’s lighting. You can set scenes for mood lighting such as “dinner party”, or program functional scenes such as path lighting for those late night trips from the bedroom to the refrigerator.

Lighting control doesn’t stop with your fixtures. Natural light is also a large factor in how a space looks and functions. Automated shading solutions are a great way to intelligently control this light, making sure your home stays comfortable while adding an elegant look to your windows. Great wireless options now exist in this category, meaning that even for light remodels automated shades are a strong contender.

Automated shading solutions are a great way to control natural light. Wireless options put this technology within reach without the need to rewire your home. Photo: Harrison Home Systems.

There are additional benefits to automated lighting and shade systems as well. These products can lower your energy costs, as well as enhance security through automated scenes that simulate occupancy when you’re traveling.

One Home – One App

Audio-visual and lighting control solutions are only the beginning. Many other subsystems in today’s home can be intelligently controlled, including thermostats, security systems, cameras, pool features, irrigation controllers, and more. But, without some sort of central hub to bring all this technology together you can quickly end up with dozens of different apps, which creates more confusion than it does convenience.

That’s where a central home automation system controller comes into play. These highly-intelligent hubs can be custom-programmed to communicate with all of your home’s subsystems. This means that you can access all of your home’s technology through a unified, easy-to-use app. You can create custom scenes that, for example, turn on the media room, lower the shades, dim the lights, and start your favorite show from the push of a single button. Prices for these sophisticated automation systems have dropped dramatically in recent years, making them feasible even if your remodel budget is already stretched.

Single-app solution from Savant.

Now is the Time

The odds are good that if your home is due for a remodel, then so is your home’s technology. A remodel presents the perfect time to explore your options. Modern audio-visual systems for entertaining, lighting and shade control solutions for enhancing your home’s comfort and ambiance, and smart home controllers are great places to start. But there is much more to explore. Be sure to consult with a home technology professional early in the process to ensure that you know your options, and can make the best choices to complement the vision of your remodel project.

Jason Griffing

About the Author:
Jason Griffing is the Director of Business Development at Harrison Home Systems. Founded in 2002, the team at HHS has demonstrated a level of technical expertise and customer service that has made them the preferred technology partner for many of the building industry’s most demanding projects. Call their office at (303) 526-0403 to set up a free consultation, and see how they can help craft a customized technology package for your home.

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