This Polo Club Remodel Makes the Most of Indoor-Outdoor Living

A custom home with Italian influences realizes its full potential and establishes deeper connections to the outdoors. Nestled in Denver’s historic Polo Club neighborhood known for its distinctive architecture and streetscapes, the residence is a custom home the clients had built more than two decades earlier. The older layout accommodated a bustling family full of activity, however with the children grown and moved out, the couple desired their home to serve their new season of life.

Polo Club neoclassical remodel by KGA. The new 300 SF conservatory was the sole square footage addition.
A new 300 SF conservatory with floor-to-ceiling windows is the home’s sole room addition.

Polo Club Remodel: Reimagining Possibilities

Longtime industry partner Steve Diamond from Diamond Homes reached out to KGA’s Paul Mahony for a fresh perspective to address the clients’ changing needs and goals for the home. The main floor in particular and in its current state no longer served them and their now-quieter lifestyle.

“The home was more than 20 years old and was beginning to show signs of aging and a layout that no longer made sense for the clients. I wanted to help them look at the home in a new way.”

Paul Mahony, Senior Partner

But there are inherent risks and challenges that come with smaller-scaled projects that tend to receive more scrutiny from all parties involved. Naturally, more questions crop up about how the new design fits within the existing structure, overall design continuity, and flow. It’s common for smaller remodeling projects to create more indecision, which may result in unwanted delays and other inefficiencies.

But with open communication and mutual trust, incredible things can happen, which is what happily happened here. The project was an exercise of deliberation and restraint — a true collaboration between the client, architect, builder, and interior designer to breathe new life into the home’s architecture and interior design while staying true to its old-world forms and style.

Trading Places

Mahony recognized the home’s potential and wanted to help the clients realize their hopes of enjoying a more indoor-outdoor lifestyle. During his first visit to their home, he immediately noticed the locations of the kitchen and family room must be switched to take advantage of outdoor views and natural light.

“The existing kitchen layout and location forced everyone’s back to face the client’s beautiful backyard,”  he says. Even the older breakfast nook was dark in the space and discouraged use. In the new layout, both the breakfast nook and kitchen are located closer to the backyard and offer unobstructed landscape and pool views.

A new, modern kitchen opens directly to the outdoor living spaces beyond. Kitchen: Exquisite Kitchen Design.

A new 300-square-foot conservatory off the breakfast nook is the home’s sole room addition. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights bathe the space in natural light and create a comfortable all-season connection to the outdoors. For the newly located family room, a well-sized and placed interior window extends the sightline to the conservatory and backyard beyond.

The new kitchen location allows for an easy flow both outdoors and to the newly added conservatory.
View of the conservatory from the kitchen.
For the newly located family room, a well-sized and placed interior window extends the sightline to the conservatory and backyard beyond.

Creating Indoor-Outdoor Living

The ability to relax comfortably outdoors was a focus of the clients’, but the existing backyard trellis was older, awkward, and provided little shade. A new wood and steel pavilion creates a defined outdoor space that makes the most of its choice poolside location. A built-in grill and customized cabinetry are casual yet refined, and perfectly suited for easy weeknight meals and more extravagant gatherings. Retractable shades offer sun and pest protection while creating a cozy perch to unwind or entertain.

The new outdoor living space with custom cabinetry and a built-in grill is one of the highlights of this remodel in Denver's historic Polo Club neighborhood.
A built-in grill and customized cabinetry are casual yet refined, and perfectly suited for outdoor entertaining.

A great remodel doesn’t have to be a huge, down-to-the-studs project. There’s a kind of gratification that comes with taking an existing structure and, with a few savvy improvements, transforming it into a more livable environment that reflects how the clients want to live today.

For this Polo Club remodel in particular, the clients now enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors, whether the fickle Denver weather cooperates or not. “The home is renewed and serves a renewed purpose,” says Mahony. “Making a few key decisions and moving a couple of things around created something that works so well and spaces the clients love coming home to every day.”

Builder: Diamond Homes   |   Interior Design: Brayton Interiors   |   See this home featured in LUXE

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