The Power of Color

Heirloom Clubhouse

When I was asked by the crew at KGA to pen a guest blog entry about color, I immediately thought, “YES!” Finally, the value of a professionally designed color palette is coming to light—not only for the builders, but for the buyers as well. No longer an “after-thought”, color has the power to shape the aesthetics of a community in ways that speak to builders: driving traffic, curb appeal, etc., while still delivering the “experience” that buyers are desperate for. This is the power of color—the tool that allows us to create the beautiful, and successful, communities that today’s sophisticated buyers are searching for.

Color is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to have an overwhelming impact on the success of a community. We are able to create a sense of “place” from the large scale of the overall project down to the individual, and personalized dwelling of each homeowner. We can evoke a feeling of authenticity or playfulness, ingenuity or traditionalism, all by the color story we choose to tell. By utilizing color in an intentional way, we have the opportunity to create communities that are visually cohesive and appealing—offering buyers homes that are evocative and artful.

Pure Plan 2 at Stapleton, by Infinity Homes. Designed by KGA Studio Architects, Color Palette by Stella Color + Design.

Today’s buyers are far more design-savvy than ever before. As the driving force behind our current “Experience Economy” they crave the feeling they get from the experience of ownership, not just the acquisition. Through color, we can create the narrative of a community that appeals to their desire to be a part of a larger story, without forfeiting their need for a more personal and fulfilling living environment.

Color can be a powerful tool in the marketing and selling of a community. A little bit of attention to the design of a color strategy can go a long way. By taking our cues from the region in which we’re building, to the stylistic details of the architecture, color can help us create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but successful as well.

About the author: Rick Overby is the owner and lead color strategist at Stella Color+Design in Denver. He has specialized in the development of exterior color palettes for homebuilders for over 13 years. Find out how Stella can help you “Color Communities Successful” at