Project Management the KGA Way

We believe the success of any project depends on our relationship with our clients, from homeowners to builders and developers. That’s why we approach project management with an eye toward organization and proactive communication. We know from 40+ years of experience that when those variables are in sync, we’re all more likely to stay on-time, and on-budget. Let’s take a look at KGA’s approach and what you can expect when working with us:

Contracts and Additional Service Agreements

  • We use DocuSign, a convenient digital signature app, to facilitate execution of contract and additional service agreements
  • We do not begin work until agreements are fully executed and understood, even if scope and terms have been agreed upon — this protects everyone

Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting minutes will be taken at all client meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and decisions are documented
  • Minutes will also include action items with the individual(s) responsible and due date
  • Minutes will be distributed to all attendees within two business days with an opportunity to correct or clarify any questions

Client Kick-Off Meeting

  • Includes at least one KGA principal and the project manager in charge

Project Progress Reports

  • Will be sent to client on an ongoing basis throughout the project
  • Addresses budget, project progress, action items for clients, consultants, and of course, KGA, in addition to accounting information
  • Enhances communication by sharing what KGA is doing, and when
  • Reports also include a summary of outstanding items to avoid unexpected delays

Budget Management

  • We use Ajera accounting software that allows us to see real time project costs, track budgets on a daily basis, and helps teams review project hours to stay on track

Ready to Get Started?

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