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What is Considered Design?

At KGA we are always challenging ourselves to better understand today’s home buyers. Where do they want to live? What features in a home are most important to them? What can they afford? As architects, we create spaces. Spaces that people will want to live in, and at the same time make sense for builders to build.

Considered Design began as a set of guidelines developed by KGA to help streamline the process of designing production homes. We found ourselves addressing similar, if not the same, questions and challenges on a high percentage of projects. As a result of working through them we developed a set of parameters as a better and more efficient way to create stellar designs. And, Considered Design was born.

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Growing up, as sons of a developer/builder, we heard about the creativity and architectural skill of Jerry Gloss. Over the years, our Dad worked with Jerry on a multitude of residential projects in Reno. With Dad’s input –or more accurately, his insistence– we added Jerry and his firm to our team, and they delivered. Pine Bluffs market performance has exceeded our expectations. At one point we had to “pause” sales so we could keep up with production. Sales were energized by distinctive designs accompanied by thorough working documents. Best described as an incredible experience, we look forward to the next opportunity.

Troy and Travis Means
Owners, HomeCrafters

I have worked with KGA on many residential design projects over the last decade. Their approach to residential design has led to many award-winning homes. More importantly, their designs have been very well received in the marketplace. I have always appreciated their thoughtful approach, focus on cost effective design, and fun loving attitude. So much so, I engaged KGA to design my personal residence.

Matthew Osborn
Principal, Front Range Communities

I am writing to recommend KGA Studio Architects, an architectural firm I have been using for over 20 years. KGA provides great service and design that is both buildable and current.  They do work in several states which helps to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to their designs.  KGA has always kept a balance of work in their portfolio of both production-oriented product and high-end luxury custom homes, and I think that this combination benefits all of their work.

Ron McArthur
Owner, McArthur Homes

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the KGA Team for over 20 years on many residential projects. They are in tune with the market, collaborate well with our team, and are constantly seeking the latest in design trends. In the end, they deliver a product to us that fits the market segment we are seeking to satisfy and resonates well with homebuyers. They are also really good people and fun to work with.

George Hess
CEO, Vantage Homes

I was recently reviewing our latest designs from KGA, and I got butterflies in my stomach because I knew the plans were that good. That being said, what I really appreciate about their designs is that they are buildable, which surprisingly, is rarer than you would think. We look forward to working together with KGA again in the future.

Rick Dengler
President, Colorado, Brookfield Residential

KGA is a joy to work with. They are extremely creative and always have their clients’ best interests at heart. They actively seek positioning strategies and architectural designs that not only meet the target market, but delights and surprises the consumer. They foster a collaborative effort which together with their product knowledge provides exceptional designs. I would recommend KGA to both large or small boutique builders.

Cheri Meyn
Owner, Genesis Group

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