Meet the KGA Team

Paul Mahony, AIA, CGP

Senior Partner + Architect

MY BACKGROUND... isn’t traditional, strictly-speaking. After joining KGA as a draftsman in 1993, I worked my way up to a project manager, and then got my architectural license. I was named a partner in 2002.

MY ROLE... is to help clients explore and realize ideas through design collaboration. I love when a client has an idea that becomes the basis for the design…their design. I am still surprised to this day how many times our clients don’t expect to be the driving force behind the project direction.

FOR INSPIRATION... I turn to chimneys -- though not just any old chimney will do! A well-placed chimney that is properly proportioned and authentic to the style of the home.

Paul Mahony

John Guilliams, AIA

Partner, Architect + Director of Design

GROWING UP... I was drawn to Architecture and never looked back, starting with drafting classes in middle school. And I was lucky to gain exposure to different aspects of the profession through my early work at small firms.

ON THE KGA TEAM... I’m known as a good listener -- actually hearing what the client wants or needs is essential to our work. I’m also big on checking your ego at the door.

FOR INSPIRATION... I love watching TV shows and movies from the era of Mid-Century Modern design: my favorite style of architecture.

John Guilliams

Jennifer Williams, MIRM, CMP

Managing Partner + President

MY BACKGROUND... before coming to KGA included work in sales, marketing and business management for Home Design magazines. That, and my degree in Business Management and Administration from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, provided a foundation for my work today and helped me fall in love with the industry.

ASK ME ABOUT… strategy, marketing and operations, but not architecture -- I just play an architect on TV!

MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM... spending time around people who share the same passion for the residential building and development industry. Inspiring workplaces? Business strategy? Check and check.

Jennifer Williams

Travis Hendrix, AIA, NCARB

Associate Principal

GROWING UP … in Colorado and watching the constant growth and change inspired me to take part in the built environment as a designer and architect. It’s inspiring to work on local and national projects, and I’ve been fortunate to work on everything from tenant finish, to adaptive-reuse, multi-family, single family homes, historic preservation, and ultra-high-end residences.

COUNT ON ME … to bring passion, excitement, and a commitment to beautiful yet practical designs. I want to give you the best possible experience of “space”.

FOR INSPIRATION … I look to an endless spectrum of information and experiences in order to produce outside of the box ideas. However, my primary inspiration is often tied to biology, the natural environment, and the impact on human history and psychology.

Travis Hendrix

Graham Swett, LEED AP BD+C

Architect + Associate

MY BACKGROUND … spans over 40 years in the industry including acting as the general contractor for two of my personal residences and projects ranging from single family homes to condos in the Bahamas.

COUNT ON ME TO … push the envelope to minimize a project’s environmental impact while enhancing its visual appeal. What can I say? I’m a geek who loves getting into the details.

I’M INSPIRED BY … architects who focus on the environmental impact of their builds – addressing how we design and build to have a more sustainable future.

Graham Swett

Mike Davinroy

Director of Production

MY PATH TO KGA … includes studies at St. Louis Community College and more opportunities for learning at a small architecture office where I took part in field construction observation and structural layout.

COUNT ON ME TO … watch everyone’s budgets and provide drafting assets where they’re needed to keep your home project on schedule -- and with a successful outcome. That’s in addition to supporting our other project managers.

I FIND INSPIRATION … in sunrises! Why is this relevant? I love designing homes that give our clients inspiration and enjoyment every day. And a sunrise is always a new start no matter what.

Mike Davinroy

Brent Paul

Designer + Project Manager

MY BACKGROUND … spans two decades in high-end residential architecture. With a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from BYU-Idaho and a Masters in Architecture from UC Denver, I’ve worked on full-service and design-build projects for a vast range of project types, from mountain estates to city infills.

ASK ME ABOUT … an idea that needs to be brought to life! I will most abundantly consent to a 3D hand-sketch to illustrate it.

FOR INSPIRATION … I turn to the classics. And there’s little that gives me greater pleasure than having a pencil in hand and creating beautiful places people can call home.

Brent Paul

Ian Steven

Project Manager

MY BACKGROUND … includes 20 years in the architecture industry and 14 in custom residential work. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in environmental design.

ASK ME ABOUT … the latest industry software and sustainable building.

FOR INSPIRATION … I turn to my family, and the desire to make the built environment a little better for the future.

Ian Steven

Hannah Watson

Project Manager

MY BACKGROUND … includes a degree from the University of Houston. I started my career in Houston in full service residential architecture and interiors focusing on high end custom homes and remodels. Since then, I’ve expanded into multi-family and commercial work.

COUNT ON ME … to listen to your needs and incorporate them into a well thought out, efficient design. Whether it’s your dream home or the perfect community center for your development – designing and connecting with clients are the best parts of my job.

I FIND INSPIRATION … from the extensive experience of the KGA team. No, that’s not a shameless plug – we have a great collection of knowledge and experience in our team and they are an invaluable resource. Beyond the team I look for inspiration in the things that bring me joy – my loved ones, nature, and the built environment.

Hannah Watson, Project Manager at KGA Studio Architects

Marc Ness

Project Manager

MY ACADEMIC WORK … in the field of psychology at Montana State University provides me with unique insight into human behavior -- very helpful when working with others. When paired with my first-hand knowledge of the job site, I have a unique set of problem solving tools at my disposal.

COUNT ON ME FOR … strong interpersonal communication with clients and professionals; this fulfills me beyond the daily duties of my role.

FOR INSPIRATION … Our industry provides an atmosphere that never gets dull, and continually challenges me to remain current in my views of how Architecture influences the world.

Marc Ness

Devin Nelson

Job Captain

MY BACKGROUND … was inspired by architecture from a very young age. I took drafting classes in high school that carried into studying architecture in Dublin, Ireland. My favorite part was traveling to different countries to soak in their culture and unique architecture.

COUNT ON ME FOR … my interior design background to help you envision your project as a whole.

FOR INSPIRATION … I turn to nature and seek out stunning spots I could only have envisioned in my dreams. I also love listening to others, hearing what makes them happy and seeing their faces light up.

Devin Nelson

Michael Perry

Job Captain

GROWING UP … I always enjoyed drawing. Once I learned Architecture allowed me to use this interest to communicate ideas and problem solve, I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

COUNT ON ME TO … bridge the gap between preliminary sketches and the final construction drawings. I pride myself on creating beautiful renderings and clean construction documents allowing the client to fully envision their design while also helping the contractor transform that rendering into a reality.

FOR INSPIRATION … I enjoy taking my sketchbook on hikes in the mountains or on long walks or bike rides. You never know what you’ll stumble upon and it’s always nice to sketch what you’ve found, figure out why it appeals to you, and how you might address the design differently.

Michael Perry

Jon Joy

Job Captain

MY BACKGROUND … in architecture started as a draftsman on high end millwork for commercial projects. I used this experience to transition into working on custom mountain homes in Summit County, CO.

ASK ME ABOUT … how I can use my background in engineering and custom residential work to manage your new home project smoothly.

I FIND INSPIRATION … in the Colorado mountains and nature, as well as existing architecture in the area. I feel that the context of a design is very important.

Jon Joy

Zac Rott

Job Captain

MY BACKROUND… started at a young age with a talent for drawing and a family business in residential remodeling, leading me into the field I love. I received my Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2018 and moved to Denver to attain my Master of Architecture from University of Colorado Denver in 2020.

COUNT ON ME… to deliver high quality results, listen to feedback, and respond with creative solutions. If there is one thing I am known for, it’s not skimping on good practice and disciplined execution of design.

I FIND INSPIRATION… in beautiful, enjoyable, and functional environments. The study of architectural history has had more impact on my worldview than any other subject. My personal drive in this profession is to explore the illusive characteristics that makes the built environment wholistically beneficial to its occupants.


Katie Kumro

Architectural Drafter

MY BACKGROUND… includes studies at a few schools in Buffalo, NY, where I explored the principles of design. I ultimately finished my education at the University of Colorado, Boulder where I earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree. In this program I studied product design, landscape design, urban planning, and architecture. It allowed me to see that no design exists in a vacuum and everything we create has an impact on our world.

COUNT ON ME FOR… persistent optimism and hard work.

I FIND INSPIRATION… in nature and science. I believe someday building construction will become fully integrated with the landscape giving way to harmonious structures that truly enhance our life and ecosystems.


Alex Archer

Architectural Drafter

MY BACKGROUND … started at Iowa State University where I received my Bachelor of Architecture. I spent a semester studying architecture in Rome, Italy, which allowed me to gain a better understanding of design from a wide range of perspectives.

COUNT ON ME TO … make great designs a reality. I pride myself in using critical thinking and spatial problem-solving to propel designs and drawings into a place that work in the real world, and work well.

I FIND INSPIRATION … in nature and my environment. Architecture is about thoughtfulness in design and drawing on the surroundings to create a place where people want to be. Interaction with materials, connection to light and the outdoors, and awareness of how people use space should motivate design. Beauty is all around us if we look for it.

Alex Archer

Erin Hurley

Business Development Director

Steve Combs

Business Development

MY BACKGROUND … in building custom homes began with Combs Design and Development after studying environmental design at CU. I also worked as a real estate broker and developer before joining KGA in 2013.

COUNT ON ME TO … be one of the first people you talk to at KGA! I’m the welcome wagon for new inquiries, so I’ll be there from day one guiding you through the design and construction process.

I PREDICT … the home building industry will rely more on fresh designs -- the days of using a decades-old plan off the shelf are over!

Steve Combs

Andrea Thomas

Marketing Director

MY BACKGROUND … includes work in graphic design, event planning and marketing for businesses like Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine. I studied Visual Communications at Hawaii Pacific University -- and yes, some of my study sessions were on the beach!

ON THE KGA TEAM … clients can count on me to help in any way I can! From Pinterest and Houzz questions to photography and joint PR efforts, I’m here for you.

FOR INSPIRATION … I spend time outdoors to recharge. I also love stand-up paddling on Colorado’s calm lakes, especially in the off-season. It’s perfect for clearing my head for new ideas.


Heather Guadagnoli

Business Manager

MY BACKGROUND … includes work for several companies that are construction-adjacent, following my degree in Business Administration (with an accounting emphasis!) at the University of Colorado.

ON THE KGA TEAM … clients can count on me to answer questions about invoicing and contracts – it’s my job to make sure this side of the business runs smoothly.

MY PREDICTION FOR THE FUTURE … building affordable housing in markets where property is at a premium will continue to be a challenge, but the benefits – a solid foundation and refuge for kids and families – is worth every penny.