Brent Paul

Project Manager

q: Favorite Style of Residential Architecture
a: Shingle style, Arts and Crafts, English Tudor and country houses, Italian villas, French chateaux…where do I stop?

q: Favorite Band/Musician
a: Don’t really have one, but strangely I am a sucker for sad country songs.

q: Favorite Quote
a: Order is necessary in all things, because, without it, confusion exists, that is disagreeable to the eye and unintelligible to the mind. – Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola

q: Celebrity most likely to play you in a movie
a: Back when I had swoopy hair, I was told I resembled Jimmy Neutron.

q: What Inspires you?
a: The classics – art, architecture, books, music, etc.

q: What drew you to architecture as a profession?
a: Mostly my parents. My dad worked in architecture and facilities management and my mom always knew I had it in me. Also high school drafting classes.

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