Paul Mahony, AIA, CGP

Senior Partner

q: Favorite Style of Residential Architecture
a: Old World European

q: Favorite Band/Musician
a: Too many to count, but classic Rock/Blues

q: Favorite Quote
a: “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” (Jaws)

q: What Inspires you?
a: Craftsmanship

q: What drew you to architecture as a profession?
a: My mom. She was a talented artist and would sit my brother, sister, and, I down with a pencil and paper to keep us entertained. My brother and sister were gifted with still life drawings but I tended to draw buildings and houses. I believe that’s why I still prefer to draw instead of using a computer. Seeing mansions and country homes always intrigued me; I love the history contained in them. Touching a stair rail still in place that was built and installed in 1880 thrills me.

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