Travis Hendrix Named Associate Principal at KGA Studio Architects

KGA is delighted to congratulate Travis Hendrix on his promotion to Associate Principal. Travis joined KGA a little over three years ago; since then, he has impressed the firm with his strong leadership abilities, strategic management skills, and passion for his work. He has and will continue to develop his unique design approach and personal brand reflecting KGA’s core belief that the best design is the one that serves the client.  

In Travis’ new role, he continues to be responsible for building his client base of custom homes, remodels, and luxury townhome projects.

Travis develops strong professional relationships by building trust and establishing strong client rapport. He innately understands his clients’ needs, pain points, and preferences; and creatively interprets those into designs that delight and match their vision.

Additionally, Travis will lead KGA’s team of talented Job Captains. As someone always willing to take feedback, work on his professional development, and take responsibility for his mistakes, he has modeled behavior that will make him an effective mentor. Travis is generous with his knowledge and expertise based on his successes and failures and is committed to others’ growth and development. He provides constructive feedback and is empathetic and supportive regarding each person’s unique perspective and abilities.

We look forward to Travis’ continued growth and success at KGA. The firm is fortunate to have been successful for nearly 50 years, and its talented and driven team members and future leaders like Travis will ensure another 50.