Why Hire an Architect for Your Remodel?

Remodel projects can range in size and complexity from small scale DIY projects in a single room to completely overhauling your home, inside and out. Depending on the size and scope of your remodel, hiring an architect for your project can be a great investment with many benefits. The word investment is key here – yes, hiring an architect is an investment, there is no question about it. Remodeling your home is also an investment though, and hiring the right architect is a smart, solid way to make sure your investment yields many returns.

Before going any further, it is important to note that not all remodels need an architect. For smaller projects, hiring an architect might not be necessary, or even make sense. If you plan to remodel the majority of your home, make changes to the floor plan or significant changes to the exterior of your home, we recommend you consider hiring an architect.

The benefits of hiring an architect for your remodel include:

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New Design Ideas

Good design increases that value of your home, and an architect will bring design ideas to the table that might not have occurred to you otherwise. Many times we don’t know what we don’t know – so unless you are a home design professional, it is likely an architect will bring ideas to the table for your home that you didn’t even realize were a possibility. That being said, a good architect will listen to your design ideas as well! Good architects listen, so if an architect doesn’t want to hear your ideas, find one who does.

Higher ceilings, a new roof and updated floor plan completely transformed this dated 1960’s ranch home

Focus and Prioritize

A good architect looks beyond the “what” of your remodel to learn about the “why”. Understanding your priorities – and the “why” behind them – for your remodel is key to making sure the project is a success. This way, as you move through the design and build process, your architect can help make sure your design stays true to your priorities and the original reason you set off to remodel your home in the first place.

Stay on Budget

An architect can help keep your project on budget. Contrary to popular fears, no architect wants to create a design that their client cannot afford to build (ok, maybe we can’t speak for everyone, but at KGA we always want to design something you can afford to build, and we assume most other architects feel the same). In order to help your architect design to your budget, it is important to be up front, honest and realistic about your budget from the start.

Floor-to-ceiling windows add natural light while french doors allow the room to open up to the outside. The new 2-way fireplace and open floor plan are great for entertaining.

Maximize Resale Value

Whether or not you have plans to move in the foreseeable future, it is important to keep resale value in mind when remodeling your home. Life is unpredictable and plans can change. A good architect knows this and will work with you to ensure your remodel not only meets your wishes for your dream home, but also maximizes the value of your home in case you decide to sell it. Staying up-to-date on the latest technology and design trends is part of an architect’s job; as you remodel and modernize your home, your architect can work with you to maximize your home’s potential.


A good architect is a team player, and knows you have better things to do with your time than coordinate the numerous consultants who will be working on your remodel. Making sure all of your consultants – not just your architect – are team players will make the process go more smoothly and reduce time and stress on your part throughout.

Remodeling is a great opportunity to improve your home, both inside and out. We took this dated 1960’s elevation and created a timeless, classic look inspired by the client’s New England roots.


An experienced architect can be a trusted advisor. Whatever you are going through with your remodel, odds are they have seen it before and can suggest a tried-and-true solution. When selecting an architect – especially for large-scale remodels – find out if they have experience working on projects of similar scope and complexity. The time, effort and coordination involved on a 4,000 SF remodel is very different from a 14,000 SF remodel. Find an architect you like and trust, their input and advice will be invaluable and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

From maximizing resale value to new design ideas and staying on budget, there are many benefits to working with an architect on your remodel. Interested in doing a whole house remodel, but not sure where to start? Check out our whole house remodeling guide for tips on what to do first, ideas for future proofing your remodel, and lessons learned in the field.

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