We Design from the Inside Out

Architecture is about more than what’s on the outside. Architecture is about problem solving. Meeting needs. And making daily life better. Which is why we focus on the inside first — how people will live in a space, and how our innovative approach to design can make life better.

Designing from the inside out starts with you, our client. What are your goals? How are you truly going to use the space? And how can we make the design work for everyone involved, from a cost perspective, from a wellness perspective and from a life perspective? Once we have a solid foundation for the inside, we’ll wrap your home with a stunning exterior elevation that you’ll be proud to come home to each night.

About KGA

KGA Studio Architects is a nationally-recognized residential architectural studio that specializes in community-based design, from individual builds to multi-family homes, and everything in-between. Founded in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado, we take on projects across the U.S. and pride ourselves on our track record of design excellence and collaborative partnership that has grown to become national in scale. Just like our awards. From custom homes to land planning, our experience and the expertise of our principals continues to drive innovative work — and inspires clients to return time and time again.

What to Expect When Working with KGA


We bring decades of experience and professionalism to every project — and that means you’ll never be led astray. Honesty that takes confidence and inspires confidence is important to us because, when everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas, that’s when the real collaboration begins and the best work happens.


We believe expertise, honesty, and shared mutual trust lay the foundation for a long-term partnership that can move mountains. Whether you’re a client, employee or partner, the KGA community is a fun, friendly environment where good ideas are nurtured.

Pure Design

We’re not interested in forcing aesthetics or principles on you — which sets us apart from many in the design market. We believe a successful design is one that serves our clients above all else. Removing our ego empowers you to feel heard and respected, which gives everyone involved the ability to flourish creatively.


Invention. Reinterpretation. Imagination. We see every project as a playground of opportunity — and a chance to get curious about what could be. Call it expanding horizons or pushing boundaries, but we like to think of it as the way we do business.

Where We Work

We’ve covered a lot of ground in 40+ years of business — and we mean that, literally. From Idaho to the Bahamas and a half-dozen states in-between. Though we’re based in Colorado, we are licensed to practice in:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Washington

We are in the process of gaining licensure in Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin.

Map of United States showing the states where KGA is licensed to practice architecture

Design-Only Work

Don’t see your location above? Our principals are available for design work across the country, which includes programming, schematic design, and design development drawings. Once the design work is complete, we can partner with a in-house architecture team or firm that is local to you in order to complete the construction drawings.

Award-Winning Design

We’re lucky to have been recognized numerous times, both locally and nationally, for our work and the talent of our team. See a snapshot of the awards KGA has won over the years, or browse our recent award-winning projects and get inspired!

MAME Awards
CARE Awards
Nationals Awards
BALA Awards

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Press Contact: Andrea Thomas    |    720.925.5558    |    athomas@karch.com 

Community Service

We strongly believe in the power of architecture to nurture and grow a sense of community. That is why our team contributes to a variety of non-profit organizations through participation, membership, and the donation of time and services. Here are just a few of the causes we support:

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